Roof Remodeling Ideas You Can Get from Roofing Installation Companies

Roof Remodeling Ideas You Can Get from Roofing Installation Companies

A roof doesn’t only offer a line of defense, it also improves a home’s appearance and value. Some roof remodeling ideas can’t just produce a change, however, others may be scary. You can also have a roof remodel that adds value and reduces maintenance costs. If you are bored with the existing roof or if it’s failing, probably a remodel can do the trick. Roofing companies in Toronto can help you gain an edge over your investment by providing you with practical, functional, and appealing roof remodels.

Synthetic underlayment

It’s not likely you have thought of what underlies the roof shingle, it isn’t something that crosses your mind. In the past, the only possible underlayment was the felt, polyurethane came in slowly, however, with the improvement in moisture resistance and durability, today you have synthetic underlayment that ensure the roof survives for long. With an underlayment, when you have shingles damaged or carried away by wind and storms, the chances of moisture invading a home are reduced.

Synthetic underlayments are placed under shingles, but they also provide aesthetic value because they lay flatter and are thinner compared to felt underlayment. The synthetic underlayments also give a polished look to your roof’s appearance. A roofing contractor may suggest that you use synthetic underlayment to catch moisture and improve the home’s appearance.

Cool roof shingles

Heat in time of summer is a problem to homeowners. The roof design and material can help reduce heat and lower the energy bills. The cool roof paint helps reflect sunlight and ensure that heat doesn’t make homes less comfortable. While cool roof paint may be expensive or messy, they can also change the performance of shingles. Roofing manufacturers have been engineering their products to respond to the needs of customers. Today, there are roof reflector shingles that are eco-friendly and beautiful while being able to reduce energy bills. There are many color choices you can have with the reflector series shingles.

Architectural shingles

Installation of single shingle is a common practice among many homeowners. The architectural shingles are also being used commonly and many roof contractors will advise you to go with these engineered shingle products. The architectural shingles are laminated together thus providing a 3-D effect to mimic the more expensive roofing types like cedar shakes. The colors are also unique. In fact, many contractors and real estate experts will advice that if you plan to resell a home, you consider upgrading to architectural shingles because it can increase the price.

Gutter upgrades

Installing gutter systems is very important in the protection of a home’s foundation. Water pouring from the roof will be directed by gutters to downspouts and drainage areas. Modern gutter systems are designed to ensure minimal water damage. You won’t see them falling around home basements where water can dig trenches to reach the foundation, basement, and crawlspace.roofingcompanies

New aluminum designs with a guard system help prevent buildup of debris and leaks. The gutters are also directed to grow beds and rain barrels meaning homeowners can utilize the water that collects in the guttering system. When properly harvested, rainwater can reduce water bills and enhance the look of a home.

Highly recognized roofing installation companies know of roof remodel ideas that others aren’t aware of. They will be creative while making the roofing system more functional, durable, protective, and enduring.

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